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Georg Jensen Vintage 1945 brooch


Norwegian J.Tostrup Green Enamel Aries Brooch 

Danish Bar Brooch with Central Rose EKH272


Evald Nielsen Circular Bird Brooch

Norwegian Enamel Brooch EKH266

Anton Michelsen Brooch EKH269

Danish Bar Brooch EKH127

Danish A&K Bullrush Brooch SOLD

N.E.From Leaf Brooch EKH118

Danish Tragedy & Comedy Brooch EKH267


A & K Danish Palm leaf Brooch EKH265

Danish SCF Leaf & Berry Brooch EKH273
Evald Nielsen Circular Bird Brooch

Dragsted Q-shaped Brooch with Moonstone EKH268 SOLD

Danish Flower Brooch with Drop EKH271

Danish Three Leaf Brooch EKH270

Danish Persian Palm Brooch EKH194

Danish John Lauritzen Brooch EKH184

Danish SCF Brooch with Cabochon Purple Stone EKH122

<Danish Filigree Bullrush Brooch EKH145

Danish Filigree Bar Brooch EKH121

Danish COF Bullrush Brooch EKH111

Large Danish Oval Leaf Brooch EKH176

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